So, a few months ago I visited Brighton. I visited the town, the beach, pier and marina and had such a wonderful time. The weather was great so that’s always a plus!

We stayed the night and got to stay in a hotel over looking the marina.  Hotel Malmaison; which was the best choice by far. You over look the marina; there is bowling, a supermarket and lots of restaurants right next to you, and then a walk next to the beach all the way down to the town.  I thought this was the best of both worlds. You weren’t just stuck on one side of the town, you were able to see Brighton town centre and the marina; which I don’t think I would have seen if I had just stayed in the centre.

If you get a chance to visit Brighton then I would definitely recommend this hotel! It is not a boring place to stay. You have a lovely view, a bar downstairs which serves amazing cocktails and a quirky room to stay in. From the wallpaper to the colour of the furniture you definitely feel as if your away somewhere and treating yourself a little. (Not just in any boring hotel room ).

I love how they have gone that extra mile to make the rooms feel homely yet stylish with their own twist to each. I didn’t feel at all as if I was staying in a hotel for the night just for a place to stay.


So, here’s some pictures of the room I stayed in…













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