Sometimes it’s a night out in heals but I do love having a night in. Lounging on the sofa, catching up after making homemade pizzas and having a few glasses of wine.

So last week we made pizzas! And if your planning a girls night in or any night in; make pizzas from scratch! It makes the process much more fun! It’s a laugh to do as you’re trying to knead dough (like you’re a professional) with a few flips in the air. It also means you can just be on the sofa in your lounge wear, hair up, no make up and just enjoy yourself.




So when you’re making pizzas from scratch, don’t buy a base, buy the ingredients or buy a box which you just mix together to create a base. Have fun and then add as many toppings as you like! Much cheaper and more fun!

So we made two pizzas that night, one vegetarian without cheese.  And one with all the toppings! Three different types of cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, tomatoes and jalapeno’s. You’d think this would be sickly but it tastes so good!




This vegetarian pizza had a tomato base, with tomatoes, black olives, jalapeno’s, sweetcorn and mushrooms! You don’t even miss the cheese from this pizza. The toppings do it justice.






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