So, we all hear about all these different treatments, oils and moisturisers but when it comes down to it you never know which ones to trust or which ones will actually be beneficial to you. Especially when it comes to areas such as scaring or stretch marks. It happens! Stretch marks are natural especially when you’re a teenager having a growth spurt. Plus the majority of us all have at least one scar on our bodies. And most maybe small and in a place where it’s no bother, yet there are some where you just wish they would fade away a little.

I have a scare on my hand which has been there for around 4 years. It doesn’t bother me; yet it isn’t just a small line across my hand. I spilt boiling hot soup over me which left a circled wrinkled scar over my left hand. I had seen adverts and heard things about treatments for scaring and thought well it wouldn’t hurt to try to see if it can actually make an effect.


So I bought Bio-Oil. Most people I think have heard of this product even if you haven’t used it before. Now I knew that it couldn’t change the textured look of the scar as the skin is damaged, but I did want to see if it would allow the scar to fade itself in colour.


And it has! So the box says to put it on once in the morning and once at night. Plus a little goes a long way! It isn’t terribly oily but all you need to do is rub in circular motions over the scar or stretch mark and after around month of doing this the colouring has faded and it is less noticeable! I haven’t got a before image but in the image above you can see the colour of the scar is more natural to my normal skin and just blends in. The only thing which really gives it away is the textured look.

I love trying out new products; especially to see if they actually work and live up to their name. But this one definitely did!

You can purchase this from most pharmacies and drug stores like Boots or Superdrug. It costs £8.99 for a 60 ml bottle. But for something which lasts a long time and actually works! I think it is worth it.




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