Pecksniff’s England. Nope, I had never heard of this name before either, until I walked into a small boutique, through the lanes of Brighton and came across this little shop. It seemed at first just like any other beauty shop selling creams, bubble bath, scrubs and soaps.

The packaging was more luxurious and you could tell that this brand had more quality . As it was my birthday, I got to pick a few things up.

Now after trying these three products, this is a brand which I think everyone needs to at least try once and should be more known out there.


The three products I was given were a luxury bath soak, a moisturising hand & body lotion and a luxury salt scrub. All the scents are the same which I was very happy about, and that is Sandlewood and Vanilla which is a very soft and natural scent. Not overpowering and something you can use altogether or on a daily basis.


So first is the bath soak…
First off lets just talk about the bottle! I am in love! It is very simple yet classy design which stands out in your bathroom.  A large glass, 700 ml bottle with a lovely glass dome lid and black tassel around the neck of the bottle. The bath soak itself is so relaxing! The scent is subtle and even stays with you once you have finished with your bath.  Plus if you like bubbles this is a bath soak which does give you that. I know that some don’t, especially when you even pay a little more.  It is priced up at £28.00, and the amount of product you get inside this bottle is a lot! You may think twice with spending nearly £30.00 on bubble bath, but for the quality, and usage you get out of the product it is definitely worth it! fullsizeoutput_4a27.jpeg


The salt scrub…
I have tried many scrubs from different brands over the years but nothing I have tried has been as good as this one! Yes comparing this to a high street branded scrub is a little unfair, but this is just out standing. The price of this scrub is £15.00. Why I love this scrub is because not only does it smell lovely and natural, but it’s not harsh on my skin. I have quite sensitive skin when it comes to some products and this is not harsh at all. It also has a layer of oil within the scrub which I think makes it! Whilst you’re using this on your body in the bath, it moisturises you at the same time as your rubbing this product into your skin. Once you have rinsed off all the product your skin stays soft and the product leaves your skin with a layer of moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. I think this is a great plus to this scrub as once a layer of skin has technically been taken off by the scrub, you do want moisture back in your skin to re-hydrate.fullsizeoutput_4a26.jpeg


And the moisturising hand and body lotion…
This is a lovely hand moisturiser. A clean scent. And a little goes along way; it also really re-hydrates my skin and keeps the moisture throughout the whole day. I use this every morning and it’s just something nice to start your day with. Plus it smells amazing. The price for this moisturiser is £20.00.fullsizeoutput_4a25.jpeg




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