Where to start… So I’m back! Last week I was lying on a beach, walking up mountains, having breakfast on the balcony and relaxing in 30 degree heat. But right now, as your reading this I am now back home sitting at my desk writing this blog post, with no balcony…. but that’s the perks of a holiday isn’t it. But I’m very happy I am back to posting regularly on my blog again!

Photo by Elizabeth Oliver 2017

Eze. South of France.


A few weeks ago I arrived in Nice, South of France. One of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. If you ever get a chance to visit the South of France DO IT! Or make sure you put it on your bucket list at least. The amount of things you are able to do and see is just unbelievable. 10 days was still not enough time!

So I stayed in an apartment next to the promenade which was just lovely; seeing the clear blue sea when walking out after eating breakfast. There are morning markets everyday, castle ruins overlooking the marina to visit and restaurants on every corner and street.

Eze. A MUST TO VISIT! A lot of steps and a lot of hills as it is on top of a mountain. But if you’re in for the hike then it’s worth it; if not – catch the bus. You get to walk through an old town with amazing views at the top where you walk around a garden with waterfalls, whilst overlooking the mediterranean sea.

Monaco. WOW. Beautiful. The yachts the cars and the shops. A stunning place and somewhere I am so glad I ended up visiting. Walking into the famous Monte-Carlo casino and looking up at the painted ceiling and visiting the Princes Palace. We visited here on the 8th day of the holiday and took a boat trip there and back.

One thing I definitely need to start remembering to do in the mid day sun is to apply sun tan lotion! That day I ended up BURNT! Wondering why everyone was staring at me whilst walking back from the boat… yes, I looked like I’d painted myself red.


Photo by Elizabeth Oliver 2017

Monaco – Monte Carlo



But back to reality, hoping this tan doesn’t fade away too quickly, and wishing for next summer to come around even sooner….


Let me know where you’ve all visited this summer or any other amazing places I need to go check out in the future. 




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