So it’s summer and were all having to bare our bodies in front of strangers on a beach. are we ready? Have we all finally achieved that beach body we all die for every year? ‘Nope, me neither…’ But that shouldn’t stop us! Once you’ve found the perfect bikini or swimsuit which is right for you then your set!!

And GUESS WHAT! I’ve actually found some this year! So I’m going to show you my four favourite from this summer which have had the most wear.



The Orange Plunge Swimsuit

fullsizeoutput_4a90This swimsuit was shouting out to me off the hanger with its vibrant orange! Now, I am one to love my natural colours as ‘they go with everything’; but if you think this orange is a little out there, then don’t worry you’ll think again once you’ve tried it on. A low-cut top with high sides, and a gorgeous back which is backless. Now this swimsuit looks amazing on, but I wouldn’t go down slides or go swimming in the sea with rough waves if I was you… Well I mean you can… But as this is backless the two top straps sitting on your shoulders is the only thing holding this little swimsuit up! I sat on the beach with this or had day trips out, walking around so you can get that perfect tan all over your back with no tan lines. Plus you can make sure it doesn’t fall down either!

Don’t get me wrong though; this is a very comfortable swimsuit!



A Black Reversible Swimsuit

fullsizeoutput_4a8fI fell in love!  A black classic!  If you’re wanting a swimsuit this year and your going to a lot of theme parks, down slides or just swimming and you want to be a bit more comfortable, then this is the one! As well as having others with colour and design I did also want a new basic black swimsuit; especially for when back home in a swimming pool. The design is so flattering being a little low-cut yet having thin straps from the front and then crossing over at the back. It just makes a ‘plain black’ swimsuit have that little something extra! PLUS!.. I even just wore this out with a skirt or some shorts during the day as it looked very similar to a body suit. So no changing needed when you just have that urge whilst walking past a beach to go run and jump into it!

I have linked in the sub heading of this swimsuit 2 links to very similar swimsuits from Topshop. I have looked everywhere and can only find the same style but not the same colour. sorry, but I hope this can help if anyone is looking for something similar… (both are still reversible so I did find a black one in there somewhere) 



Reversible Triangle Bikini top and bottoms

This is just a lovely summer time bikini must. I love the dark pink tie-dye effect which goes so well with its light pink embroidery stitching around the rim of both parts of the bikini. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this bikini on its reversible side which is a very light pink and simple design. But there’s still time! I love how simple yet very girly and stylish this bikini is. And the dark pink looks great with a tan.



H&M Bikini top and bottoms

fullsizeoutput_4a92Simple.  Easy.  And looks great! Plain dark colour with a black outline is classic. So comfy and still so stylish. If you’re looking for something which is plain, no patterns, but stands out then this is one to look out for! I really think sometimes the most plain colours, matched with a great design are the deal breakers! They work for most people’s body types and end up looking great!


If there’s any other really good stores out there for swimsuit shopping then let me know and I’d love to check them out! 




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