What everyone packs in their carry on can always vary. Some it’s basically a small second suitcase – and others like me who like to just take a handbag as a carry on. But this includes all the necessities when travelling on an airplane or in an airport! When travelling you don’t know what delays or mishaps your going to have along the way and sometimes it’s just a little better to be prepared… Now when it comes to packing and airports you need to remember the liquid amount rule! ‘Nothing over 100ml….’ so my massive deodorant can was quickly being shoved inside my suitcase….


  1. Make up wipes 
  2. Head phones
  3. Phone charger
  4. Adaptor
  5. Passport
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Water Bottle
  8. Toothbrush
  9. Snacks
  10. Tester/Pocket sized perfume spray
  11. Book


These are my must haves! This may look like a small list, but I don’t like packing things which I know I won’t use. I may throw in an odd something else here and there but this list of items are what I always remember to pack. I always say taking a water bottle is a must as yes you can’t take water through security but if you take your empty water bottle through you can fill it up for free at water fountains. Keeping hydrated is very important especially when travelling as you don’t realise how dehydrated you get at airports and when flying.

Snacks for the plain journey! Airports can be quite expensive sometimes especially when on a budget.. or they simply don’t sell things which you’d like, so I always take a snack incase I’m hungry.

I take makeup wipes with me in my carry on even if I’m not wearing makeup to the airport due to being able to freshen up when you’re getting off the plane. This also brings me to packing my sunglasses; I keep a pair in my carry on because as I leave the plane, if I am visiting a hot country I would like to have them to hand instead of having to rummage through my large suitcase. Don’t forget a jumper either! Airports can get a little chilly and you want to be comfy on the plane so what ever I’m wearing I either tie a hoodie round my waist or loop it through my bag.


I hope this small checklist helped a little bit, to remind you of the little things you sometimes forget when trying to pack for a holiday! 




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